New film produced by Solution

The project of directing, shooting, production and post-production of the promo film for the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Inđija is in progress. The most beautiful shots and unique scenes of the municipality of Inđija with our Teodor Marchet and the famous actor Stevan Pial in the lead roles. After successfully solving the business…


MBSN Gradnja

Top quality construction of residential buildings – MBSN KOMERC

All buildings built so far by MBSN KOMERC have been built to the highest standards in terms of material selection and execution of works.
Luxury penhouse apartments will provide lovers of panoramic views a real pleasure.

The right measure of value is customer satisfaction!



Tehnoexport company with 67 years of tradition, today is a leading manufacturer of HVAC products, systems and sanitary equipment.

Another in a series of companies of our Municipality with which we have a successful cooperation to the mutual satisfaction.

A job well done is an opportunity to do even more!

Letač – The first client to trust us

The first client to trust us at the very beginning of our business journey. Letač d.o.o. a construction company that has been operating since 1990 in the construction business. Overcoming challenges that seem unattainable to many, “Flyer” is taking on new tasks day by day, setting standards and building a leading position in the region.…

Ideal Stone

Visual identity is the identity card of every company. Our clients become aware of this at the first contact with us if they were not. A special pleasure in the work is represented by family companies that have improved their original activities or turn to us for help in the same. One of them is…

Jakovov 100% natural powder flour

Before us was a request to create a web presentation of a completely different show about healthy eating with something completely new on the market. Jakovov 100% natural powder flour which consists exclusively of fruits and vegetables from untouched nature without any additives. They are a practical, healthy, fast and efficient diet for both adults…