Zoran Calic

Located in the Greater Toronto area in beautiful Ontario. Servicing all in need in a global village.

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Solutions4marketing. Life Solutions.

My name is Zoran and I am here to offer my services as a life solutions health and marketing coach. Whether you are struggling to get ahead at work, you cannot seem to find the time for your family or you need help getting on the right track to a healthier living lifestyle, I am here to keep you accountable and pointed in the right direction. I have first hand experience not only getting the promotion, but taking a step back when I start to forget about the things that really matter, like family and our own personal health. In my experience there isn’t one singular thing to just do and become a successful person, it takes constant monitoring to keep ourselves accountable enough to make real progress. While I was lucky to have some great mentors though-out my career, I know that isn’t true for most making it very difficult for people like yourself to get ahead. But I’m here to offer my mentoring to you and give you a wealth of experience I have for climbing through the ranks. I want you to have the same success that I have now and get to enjoy. So what are you waiting for?